Selfless: Album Review

      'Twas a night for the feels. After an exhausting stretch of 24 hours worked between two jobs in two days, I needed something to help me wind down and fully embrace my fatigue and sadness. Occasionally, I like to relax and indulge in some moody R&B. I scrolled through my usual playlist … Continue reading Selfless: Album Review


Scorpion: Album Review

      Drake is back and he's upset. Following his 2017 More Life playlist, Scorpion is Drake's 5th studio album and he's got quite a lot to say. Clocking in at a massive 25 tracks spanning an hour and a half, Scorpion is split into a double-sided project with plenty of hits to keep you entertained throughout. There was … Continue reading Scorpion: Album Review

Why You Should Have No Concern for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The game wasn't close at all. Five seconds in and Jaylen Brown scored an uncontested layup despite being initially double teamed. By the time the first quarter was over, the Celtics were up by twenty-two, having scored a whopping 38 points. Let's be clear: The Boston Celtics had their way with the Cavaliers. It was … Continue reading Why You Should Have No Concern for the Cleveland Cavaliers.